Stork Encounters

Day 72: Motherhood

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Jonah and I were at a New Haven playground Sunday afternoon when an older couple arrived with a very small girl. It was getting late and we were needing to head home; I remember thinking it was sort of an odd time to get there. Soon Jonah noticed a couple in their thirties walking around the perimeter of the playgound. The woman, who was very pregnant, was pushing a stroller. Jonah started following them in that little-kid way: running ahead and turning around to stare, then running ahead again.

After several minutes of this, I decided to offer something of an explanation to the couple: “Sorry—there are a few moms in our play group who are pregnant. He’s a bit fascinated with your belly.”

“That’s what we guessed,” the woman said.

It turned out she was in the beginning stages of labor; hence the trip to the park for a walk. The little girl was their daughter, the older couple probably grandparents. The woman’s sister was there, too, with her four-year-old son. (I love the support from the extended family.)

I caught up to Jonah. “The baby is going to come very soon,” I said.

His eyes widened with excitement. He ran ahead again.

“I like your tattoo,” said the woman.

“Thank you,” Jonah said, holding out his arm so she could get a better look at the triceratops.

“Sweetie, let’s let them walk a little by themselves, okay?” I said quietly.

He got up close and whispered in my ear. “I want to see the baby come out.”


Yesterday we were aided in the discussion by photos some friends in California sent of their newborn son. I opened the photo of the three of them on our computer.

“Who’s that?” Jonah asked.

After explaining who they were I told him the photo was taken in the hospital, because that’s where the baby came out. “Just like I was telling you about the people in the park. Remember? People usually have their babies in the hospital.”

He wanted to see more photos, so I checked on Facebook, just in case they’d posted any there. They hadn’t. But when he saw a photo of our friends, he said, “Was the baby in her belly?”

“I don’t think so. Babies are only in their mommies’ bellies for about ten months.”

“Where are they before that?”

“They’re not anywhere. The mama and papa make the baby together.”

“They make the baby? They build it together?”

“Kind of like that, yes.”

“In the mommy’s belly?”


“How do they do that?”

This is where I felt completely out of my element, called out for my husband in desperation, and was utterly relieved when Jonah was distracted by a toy and seemed to forget about the entire thing.

For the moment. I know it will come up again. And I’d better be prepared.

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  1. Try “It’s not the stork”…a great book for these discussions…..

  2. Your response was perfect-just what Jonah needed to hear at this point in his life. I can guarantee those questions will come up again-and again-and you will never be fully prepared! As sjbj said-there are some great books out there to help. So glad you documented that adorable conversation!

  3. Thanks, you two. I appreciate the book recommendation. One trepidation I have about books, though, is that you can’t control how much information is conveyed. I’ve read, for instance, that it’s best when talking to a very young child about this (and mine is not yet four) to answer just what they’ve asked and no more. I don’t want to freak him out or upset him. I remember how grossed out and bewildered I was when my mother told me about the “facts of life,” and I was much older than my son is now! Anyway, I’ll see how gentle and age-appropriate the book is. (I did find a used book today called “There’s a House Inside My Mommy,” which is really meant for a child whose mother is pregnant but addresses the issue appropriately for a very young child.)

  4. Hi Aviva-The books I have are definitely for when Noah is much older! I agree with the” answer only what they have asked” policy.

  5. I also agree with the” answer only what they have asked” policy! I like the stork book, b/c the pictures are cartoon-ish, not scary. We read selected pages only, in response to questions. Our son just turned 4, but several kids in his preschool had pregnant mothers /new siblings, so the questions came up…particularly after one kid shared that “new babies come out with blood on them”…yikes!

  6. Yikes is right! “There’s a House Inside My Mommy” is a sweet book. Maybe a little too sappy for my taste, but I like the concept and Jonah is enjoying it. It was a lucky find! :)

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